Have your Amazon or Walmart account gotten suspended without prior notice, or do you not know what to do with this Amazon and Walmart account suspension?

Don’t worry; we can assist you in reinstating your seller account. We have a bunch of solved cases of clients who got suspended for violating the policies or are not aware of the strict guidelines of eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. We will study your case and provide you with the solutions for your account reinstatement. We will make a strategic plan to get your seller account back and send an appeal by opening a case to the Amazon seller’s support.

Why do we get suspended? What are the reasons behind account suspension?

There are many reasons for account suspension like; you have to strictly follow the rules and guidelines in case of any violation, your listing will get suspended. Some of the possible causes for Seller Account suspension are:

  • Selling of restricted and prohibited items.
  • Operating multiple seller accounts.
  • Expired and used items sold as new.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Order defect rate more than 1%
  • pre-fulfilment Cancel rate more than 2.5%
  • Manipulation in Invoices.

Do not risk your account permanent suspension by trying to reinstate your seller account on your own. Our expert and professional team will consult you and provide you with better solutions for account reinstatement and recovery. We want you to book a consultation by filling out the small form and making a call request by mentioning the required details. Our representative will get back to you soon with our expert advice.