Amazon offers brand registry services to secure your brand listing or products from counterfeiting. This tool will enable brands from scammers. Are you aware of registering brands on Amazon? If not, we help you get your brand registered to combat counterfeits. You have spent months searching for the right product, spent time creating the listing after extensive keyword research, spending money on PPC advertising and social media marketing and investing your precious time in management accounts. Still, some scammer enters into your listing and enjoys the benefits of others’ hard work. 

Amazon provides support to make things into your court, and we have formulated stuff according to the policies. We have set up a complete organised chart for your business to make things easy for you and at the right time. Enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry program enables you to unlock Amazon’s most prominent tools and programs that elevate your listing and overall brand image. Below is the list of some tools and programs:   

  • A+ Content, also known as Enhanced Brand Content, allows Amazon Sellers to customise their listings.
  • Amazon Stores Builder helps create and maintain a dedicated page that’s customised and structured to show off all your products together on one storefront.
  • Sponsored Brands Ads open access to advanced marketing and advertising tools for brand owners.
  • Amazon Live Creator is used to live chat with potential customers to answer any questions.
  • Amazon Vine Program invites the most trusted customers to leave reviews on the products and therefore attract new shoppers by presenting honest and unbiased feedback.  
  • Virtual Bundles Tool allows brand owners to create unique “bundles” from several complementary products purchased from a single detail page.   
  • Amazon Attribution tool provides analytics insight into social media, display ads, PPC, and email marketing data.
  • A transparency program allows you to control who is selling your product.  
  • The project Zero program allows you to blacklist users who have infringed on terms of service after the infringement is verified.