What if you did everything for your product to rank in the top results but did not get the results, or your BSR did not improve. What if your product quality is not according to the Amazon customer requirements? If you have not contacted suitable suppliers or manufacturers, your product quality is compromised, and all your time, money, and research will drown. Sourcing does not mean only getting the suppliers and manufacturers. Anyone can find suppliers, but Amazon FBA sourcing requires hours of research, collecting samples, Quality checks, and negotiations. Our logistics team is fully aware of the latest techniques and has years of procurement experience. Our staff will assist you with the production process like design, labelling, packaging, and shipment planning. 


The cost-effective product research ensures that product hunting is not dependent on the search volume of more than 50000 and competing products more than 30000. To make the product cost-effective, you have to go through the wholesalers and manufacturers, negotiate them according to your set goals, and achieve a 25 to 30 per cent profit margin. We allocate ourselves to help you realise the profit margin according to your anticipations.